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Practitioner Profile: Lawrence Gold

What is your background?

I have studied under numerous teachers and have had numerous mentors; some publicly known, some not. Those who were not publicly known were the most powerful individuals. My academic studies led to the major in Physical Therapy. I did not complete that major, but instead studied with Thomas Hanna in Wave 1.

Before that, I studied and practiced Tibetan Yoga, the Chakra System, Do-In (a version of acupressure), took training in Esalen Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Trager Psychophysical Integration, and the Rolf Method of Structural Integration; studied The Concept of Meru, took *est*, spent about 1 1/2 years in the ashram of Bubba Free John (Adi Da), took The Avatar Course, learned Tensegrity (Castaneda's lineage), took Ken Wilber's Superhuman Operating System course - and probably some things I can't remember, offhand. More than 200 sessions of Rolfing over a 20 year period since 1970; practiced Rolfing Movement (Structural Patterning, a form of somatic education) for 20 years before coming to Thomas Hanna. On a whim, I created my Somatic Lineage Flow Chart to show the convergence of numerous lines of teaching transmission, in me. As I said, "on a whim".

How did you discover Somatics and when did you train?

I first discovered Thomas Hanna in my rolfer's studio, where he had his library of the Somatics Journal, of which Thomas Hanna was the editor and publisher, issues of which I would devour before rolfing sessions. One day in 1989 or so, my rolfer, Jim Price, tossed a copy of the book "Somatics" on my lap and said he thought it would interest me. I read the book, saw the similarity of the exercises to what I had been practicing for 20 years ("Rolfing Movement"), and saw that T.H. had "a missing piece". Shortly thereafter, my mother came back from a session with Thomas Hanna, who cleared up her sciatica in one session; she said, "You've got to learn this work." A week later, Thomas Hanna announced his training. I applied, described my background, and was accepted. In his letter of acceptance, Thomas Hanna wrote that he thought I would make a first rate somatic educator.

Tell me, what's been keeping you busy lately?

Clients, on-line coaching practice (somatic education exercises to address various dysfunctions), consultations, administrative work on my on-line somatics business, teaching the TetraSeed Transformation Procedures (e.g., The Gold Key Release, a mental/emotional pandiculation process that uses the four-part structure of the Archesoma to reveal and dissolve persistent patterns of Attentional-Intentional Amnesia, SMA at the level of mind-and-life); developing a program to correct S-I Joint Dysfunction with somatic education exercises; writing, creating video instruction, musical creations ("Gateways into Different Dreaming"). Writing entries for my blog, Full-Spectrum Somatics.

What are you most focused on right now for your business?

In addition to the items mentioned above, marketing.

What are you excitied about outside of work?

Ongoing personal evolution and transformation.

Is there anything else that you would like to say?

I am at the stage where I find no difference between mind "and" body: not two, but two ways of describing somatic experiencing. Although what we call "mind" is subtle and requires very subtle perception to be distinguished in terms of tension patterns in others, those tension patterns are blatant when recognized in oneself. I have also realized what is beyond mind/body, beyond "I", the field of consciousness from which all arises, including somatic existence -- actually, not merely mentally or theoretically, but as the essential nature of self, others, and everything.

In my view, the field of somatics properly incorporates the entire range of experience available to attention, not merely motor control and the dissolution of pain patterns. Moreover, although I am highly proficient in the methods of clinical somatic education (as can be seen in my success rate and creative output), I have found that there are limitations to what can be accomplished by sensory-motor education; that addressing the more subjective aspects of personal existence causes changes in physiological organization, posture, movement, perception and cognition; and that the deeper, commonly subconscious levels of the individual MUST be addressed to reach some patterns of SMA, whose subtle structure lies beyond both gross and fine movement education, but which shows up as patterns of sensory-motor behavior. This is what I believe Thomas Hanna meant when he said, "This is not a course in bodywork! God forbid!" Thus, I have largely fulfilled and gone beyond clinical somatic education -- and I am continuing to learn and develop in that field and beyond.

I have published about these matters, openly, in Full-Spectrum Somatics and on YouTube. I have also, at request, written a piece titled, "The Unique-Self Teaching Expressed in the Language of Somatics", which covers the range of my discoveries and development pretty well.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lawrence9Gold?feature=mhee

Full-Spectrum Somatics: http://lawrencegoldsomatics.blogspot.com

Twitter: @somatic_healing

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Lawrence.Gold.Somatics

personal background: http://somatics.com/gold.htm

TV interview (local cable): https://youtu.be/_bTZnXM6psQ