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Releasing Back Muscles While in Supine Position - Susan Koenig

by Kelli Peacock

It seems Susan Koenig always has something fascinating and substantive to share as a regular convention presenter. This time around Susan focused on clients with muscles that are contracted in the Red Light and Green Light reflexes.

Susan advocated for a protocol sequence emphasizing release of the pectorals and anterior red light muscles of the shoulder and trunk first, prior to releasing the Green Light muscles. Susan argued that this makes for an effective strategy in working with clients who may be uncomfortable lying face down.

She then led our group through a series of somatic exercises designed to create a greater awareness of our back while lying supine. This included “reversing” features of our standard Red Light Lesson to gain greater access to contracted Green Light muscles. By resorting to various lines, or vectors, of movement between arm/hand positions and shoulder/scapula/rib connections, there are actually many different angles of assisted pandiculations that we can fruitfully explore with our clients. This made for a magical Green Light experience, all while lying face up!