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Tribute to Lyman Spencer


One of the functions of the AHSE Annual Convention is to host the Annual Meeting of the AHSE Membership. This year marked the peaceful transition of leadership from President Lyman Spencer to newly elected President Carol Kerner.

Congratulations are in order to both of you!


For Lyman, this marks the end of a very long run as President of the AHSE, not to mention the many other positions in which he has served over the years. He has always made a strong commitment toward building up this Association, helping to spread the word about Hanna Somatics throughout the world. Lyman has always brought a no-nonsense, business-like approach to building the AHSE; has always been tireless in his efforts to run efficient and productive meetings and to simply make things happen.

Thank you, Lyman; and good luck to you, Carol, as we move forward and into the future!


Carol Kerner:    Lyman has been an inspiration to me from my first class at the Novato Institute. Many times during class practice sessions, when I felt overwhelmed with new information, Lyman would come over, smile, and break things down in such a clear way! He encouraged me, gave me useful feedback, and then when I graduated, got me interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

It has been a real privilege to serve with Lyman. He has always had a strong sense of professionalism and dedication to AHSE, and the Board has benefitted greatly from these qualities. Also, his great sense of humor kept us from taking ourselves too seriously!


Kathy Kerber:    Lyman is a rock for the AHSE! His care for helping others knows no bounds. And, he led us through our darkest hours, when the survival of the Association was uncertain.

He's mastered the website inside and out, because he's taken the time to learn it. His skill and enormous effort has dramatically improved the operation of the entire Association via the website, especially new memberships, renewals and convention registration.

Lyman's work with the teaching team began when he was certified and he's been part of the team ever since. His warm smile, helping hands and accomplished skills have been a big part of students' positive learning experiences for almost a decade.

Thank you Lyman for being you!


Susan Koenig:    Lyman, my teaching partner on the professional teaching team for Hanna Somatic Education, is the BEST!  Most people know how good he is at keeping everyone on topic, over-seeing the time schedule, and for making insightful contributions to discussions and demonstrations. 

What a lot people have never experienced is how funny he is.  He can make me laugh with a couple of words or a facial expression.  We have spent many shared moments together telling jokes, relaying funny incidents from class, pointing out Facebook references, and just sitting around at lunch together chewing coconut strips.  He’s sharp, attentive, and thoughtful.  If you want something done right, ask Lyman.  If you want some sage advice, ask Lyman.  He’s a team player.  He loves to learn and is quick to check facts or look up definitions. 

Lyman is an all around great guy and I’m proud to be his teaching partner and friend.


John Loupos:    Lyman Spencer was an indispensable and indefatigable member of our AHSE Board of Directors. He was a stalwart and a font of knowledge in business and legal matters. Lyman regularly displayed invaluable leadership traits of humility and of knowing when to consult or delegate to others when presented with issues outside his own areas of expertise.

The AHSE as an organization owes Lyman Spencer a debt of gratitude.


Ken Bridgeman:   I’ve had the rare opportunity to hang out with Lyman on the board of the AHSE for a number of years now, until he finally passed the baton on to Carol Kerner this year. As AHSE President, Lyman always maintained an even composure and a gentle sense of mastery that made me feel like I was at least half way competent in what was needed from me as Secretary. Over time, as we got to know each other better, I realized he was neither always so well composed nor did he feel he’d necessarily mastered the difficult, sometimes thankless, situations with which he had to deal.

After I was on the BOD for a while, Lyman and I would frequently stay on the line together, at the conclusion of the monthly Board of Directors conference calls, and we’d kind of debrief one another on the latest AHSE success or minor kerfuffle. We’d cajole one another into finding the humor in something that seemed a just bit too serious during the board meeting. Lyman could usually step back and see the bigger picture, rather than get mired in the details of a problem, like I often tend to do.

And you just haven’t experienced the heart of Lyman, until you get him into a full, rolling belly laugh! Even over the phone, you can hear his eyes sparkle with glee and feel his broad, infectuous grin. Lyman's dedication and loyalty to the Association have been boundless. He was willing to stay at the helm through some very difficult times, until he finally felt the Associaton would thrive without his daily oversight. Through Lyman’s quiet example, I've learned so much about being gentle and supportive in whatever project I'm embarked upon with others; about how to be part of a productive team and to be open to different opinions.

Thank you, Lyman! You've done so much to further the spread of Hanna Somatic Education. Words can't possibly convey the immense debt that this Association owes to you.