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James Knight

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3428 Juniper St.

San Diego, California 92104

United States

(760) 828-8877


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Hello, I’m James Knight, Integrative Therapist and Educator. I was certified as a HSE Practitioner in 1997 by the Novato Institute for Somatic Studies. I have held a private practice since then and travel the world to facilitate trainings, workshops, and retreats.

I had the blessing of meeting Eleanor Criswell Hanna for my first Somatic Yoga class while attending Sonoma State University (SSU). With her mentorship I was inspired to start my education in the healing arts and transpersonal psychology. Later I taught at SSU: Psychology of Yoga, Psychology of Meditation, Wilderness Psychology, and Eco-psychology.

I have been in private practice for over 20 years and currently have two office locations in San Diego, California. Many of my clients find me through referral after trying traditional therapies and still haven’t found a way to solve challenges like: frozen shoulder, sciatica problems, low back pain, chronic neck pain, TMJ, scoliosis, tendinitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, joint inflammation, headaches/migraines, and poor posture.

I see clients for individual sessions that offer the prospect of immediate pain relief. My goal is to educate them and offer tools that empower them to take control over their own healing process.
I am also internationally recognized for my expertise in Gentle Somatic Yoga and offer educational workshops and retreats for students & teachers, doctors, and other health care practitioners. Through customized movements and meditation, muscles are reprogrammed to dissolve chronic pain, improve range of motion, and regain strength and vitality.

I am dedicated to the process of self mastery and sharing my resources so that the ultimate expression is freedom on every level ~ mind/body/spirit.

Please visit my website for upcoming events and to preview my DVD’s, Somatic Workbook, YouTube videos, and other educational resources. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Thank you.

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