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John Loupos, M.S.

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130 King St, Rt 3A

Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025

United States



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Hello, I’m John Loupos, C.H.S.E., M.S. I am a 2007 graduate of the Novato Institute in Novato, Ca, and the Somatic Systems Institute in Northampton, Ma. In 2005 I founded the Pain and Mobility Clinic for Hanna Somatic Education in Cohasset, Ma. I serve the greater Boston and New England area and I also offer Skype/ FaceTime sessions in HSE movement patterns for domestic and international clients.

I have been involved in martial and healing arts since 1966. A career martial artist (specializing in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong), I also have a background in Classical Homeopathy and I hold a Masters degree in psychology.

I am currently accepting new Somatics clients. I see clients for individual clinical sessions (both children and adults) on weekdays, and occasionally on weekends. My scope of practice includes all manner of neuromuscular complaints, including; chronic and acute pain, stiffness, surgical recuperation, stress management, and sports optimization for peak performance. I also offer Somatics group movement classes and seminars, both in-house and off site.

I have produced several Somatics audio series in CD format. My latest book, “The Sustainable You - Somatics and the Myth of Aging,” was released in 2011. Please visit my website for further information on these and other products and for calendar events. Thank you. John Loupos

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