The official organization for Hanna Somatics information, resources, continuing education, practitioner support, and community.

Membership Categories & Fees

HSE Certified Membership — $150.00

Practitioners of HSE who are Certified by the Novato Institute and who are not Charter members.

HSE Charter Members — $150.00

Certified practitioners of HSE from Thomas Hanna’s original 1990-1992 training (Wave One) who shared the costs of incorporating the AHSE.  The 13 Charter Members are:  Brad Bennett; Eleanor Criswell Hanna; Karen Hewitt; Susan King (deceased); Susan Koenig; Nick Medwid; Maggie Munroe; Nikki Nicodemus; Penny Pruzan; Angelo Querin; Phil Shenk; Marilyn Warnock (deceased); Gerald Wylie.

HSE Student Membership — $75.00

Student practitioners-in-training who are enrolled in an HSE Practitioner Training at the Novato Institute .

HSE Certified Associate Membership — $50.00

Those certified in HSE by the Novato Institute who choose not to become a Certified Member for the current year and are not Charter Members.

Lifetime Associate Membership — $50.00

Members of Thomas Hanna’s original 1990-1992 HSE Training who have not yet been certified in HSE.

Associate Membership — $50.00

Interested members of the general public who would like to receive member benefits and support the work of AHSE.