The official organization for Hanna Somatics information, resources, continuing education, practitioner support, and community.


PRESIDENT:  Carol Kerner was elected President in 2016 to servie until 2018.  She was previously elected as Vice President in 2015 to serve until 2017.  She is a Hanna Somatic Educator and Essentrics exercise instructor, practicing in Rochester, New York. She was certified in Hanna Somatics in 2011 and joined the Board of Directors in May 2014 as Director at Large #1.





SECRETARY:   Ken Bridgeman was re-elected as Secretary in 2014 to serve until 2016.  He previously served on the Board of Directors as Secretary from 2010 to 2014. During his first year he served on the Website Advisory Committee which helped to bring the new AHSE website to fruition. He currently serves on the Membership Advisory Committee. Ken became a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator in 2003. After joining the AHSE as a student member in 2001, he has maintained his Certified Membership since 2003. He currently lives and works in San Francisco CA.





TREASURER:  Phil Shenk was appointed to the offfice of Treasurer on January 22, 2016.  He was elected to the office of Treasurer on April 21, 2017 to serve until 2019.





AT LARGE #1:  Gabriel Posner was elected to the office of Director at Large #1 in 2015 to serve until 2017.  He previously served as Vice President of the association from 2012 to 2015 after serving a year as Director-at-Large. With the association Gabriel has enjoyed serving as the chair for the SomaTimes as well as Education Coordinator for the convention.  He was certified in 2009 as a Hanna Somatic Educator, lives and practices in San Francisco and in his free time can be found exploring trail-running in a somatic way. 





DIRECTOR AT LARGE #2:  John Loupos was re-elected as Director at Large in 2016 to serve until 2018.  Previously he served as Director at Large #2 from 2010 to 2016.  John has sat on or chaired a number of committees during his tenure on the Board.  A martial arts teaching professional since 1968, John earned his certification as a Somatic Educator in 2007.  Currently he operates his Somatics practice at The Pain and Mobility Clinic, located at Jade Forest Kung Fu/TaiChi in Cohasset, Ma. 




DIRECTOR AT LARGE #3:  Ryan Moschell has served on the AHSE board since the spring of 2015. He spearheaded the interactive practitioner map on the AHSE website and is currently working in comitte to update the AHSE website and start a new member outreach program. Ryan has been a full time massage therapist for almost two decades. He graduated as a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator from the Novato Institute in 2013. He is a full time resident of the United states and has a thriving full time practice in Annapolis, Maryland.





DESIGNATED DIRECTOR:   Eleanor Criswell-Hanna, Ed. D., is designated by the AHSE ByLaws as the sole designated director and shall function as liaison with the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training.