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Clarifying Our Message – StoryBrand

Our StoryBrand discussions have helped us clarify and simplify our overall message as to what Hanna Somatic Education is. We've used the StoryBrand framework to create a story that goes something like this:


 A CHARACTER (our HSE client) who wants something, encounters a PROBLEM before they can get what they want. At the peak of their despair in overcoming that problem, a GUIDE (Hanna Somatic Educator) steps into their life, gives them a PLAN, CALLS THEM TO ACTION, and that action helps them AVOID FAILURE and END IN SUCCESS.

Discussion 1) Karen introduced the concept of creating your own StoryBrand script. (1hr, 11sec video):  An Introduction to StoryBrand


Discussion 2) We discussed Step One: Who Our CHARACTER Is  (1hr video)

Here's a summary of some of the main points from that discussion:

Step One – A Character – By relating our services to the needs of the client and what they want, we begin to get their interest.

Our Character/hero of our story/client is:

  • Quietly deperate; however, would not express it nor initially resonate with this explicitly.

  • Fearful of more common or even invasive approaches that they have expereienced themselves, or heard about from others who have gone through them.

  • Skeptical because they have tried five or six different thing that temporariy brought them relief, but did not last. Initially they don't think our service will work either, or even might hurt them because they have been hurt before.

  • Yet is still resolute and hasn't given up!

  • Are reminded who they really are. They have become dependent, confused, and out of control whereas before this they were self-reliant.