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Somatic Living – A Possibility – Mala Aeto, CHSE - Wave 1

A somatic life is not a normal way of living as being defined in the norms of our modern times. It is a life in which one chooses to live without a stable ground to stand on, or a method or system to live or be defined by. It has no structure or form; it is a life lived by sensations, fluxes and processes that awaken oneself to the possibilities of the present moment. It’s somatic in a sense that the rhythm and process occurring within oneself is the source of functioning as a living organism.

Somatic life has no boundaries; it’s structured with constant choices that individuals choose from moment to moment in time. These selective patterns are constantly interchanging with the individual’s innate ability to choose what is right for him or her in the present moment.  A somatic life imagines the future, remembers the past, but stays in tune with the present moment through self-awareness.

It’s about making a contextual shift towards a functioning state reflecting the “out-thereness” by functioning from within the “hereness”. 

       The somatic life is about awakening, thinking, sensing and feeling–and claiming ownership to one’s life and all its essences encompassing the vitality of who we are as living beings. Its activities are spontaneous and uncertain in ways that it always reflects what’s occurring in the experience of the moment. It’s less reflexive but more attuned to conscious vibrations and spontaneous awareness.

       Living is a somatic process where the rhythm of evolution flows in alignment with our conscious choices and actions of the moment. We are not separated from all that we do, feel and think within the domain of possibility and freedom; it’s an innate extension of our being as a reflection and extension of Nature. It is a life in which we become creators of what is possible and live up to our potential as human beings.


***  The old identities based on societal agreements and institutionalization models slowly fade away, replaced by our inner power, a clean slate to create from in a new context of possibility. We become less reflexive in our ways of thinking and feeling but re-establish ourselves as the source in which to participate fully in what’s occurring in the present moment. Somatically we become more in alignment and in tune with the flow of Nature, integrating within the boundaries of nothingness. As we engage our brains in this new paradigm, it becomes obvious that our experience of Somatic life is timeless, simple, exciting and uncertain.

       Shifting our perception and experience allows our movements and actions to move towards a malleable approach where we find ourselves in the flow of a living process rather than getting stuck and struggling in a fixed chaotic model of life. Somatic life expands the flow rather than restricting it with our unresolved, reflexive patterns of the past and projections of the future. Somatic life integrates the past and the future by living in the present moment.

       Making sense of one’s evolution and history brings clarity and understanding of the barriers one is facing and the challenges that are within one’s own life. Challenges and barriers are in the same context but are separated by the attention and intention of the individual. Living a somatic life is about living a process extended beyond the boundaries of dualism and living in the gap between our thoughts. It takes commitment and courage to stay the course in a somatic life, because the emphasis is on the individual making a stand for his/her existence. Somatic life is about taking responsibility for one’s freedom and the why of existence in the here and now.

       Somatic life challenges the individual to sustain a simple way of living with less, and without fear of not having enough to feel secure in an over-consuming world. It realigns priorities of life with a sense of owning up to the wholeness of one’s ability to accept the space in which one is occurring without overextending one’s appetite for useless consumption. We often find ourselves in a frantic state of unrealistic, un-secure  and meaningless space where we grasp for more just to satisfy our fear of survival without reflecting on the value and meaning of wholeness and alignment towards the flow of living. Flowing and movement are metaphors and processes of somatic life and It’s difficult to be in the flow without movement and movement without flowing. Somatic life is living in the flow without succumbing to the nonsense and beliefs that fixed one’s being to a static state of growth. Flow is a somatic function within oneself to determine and organize oneself in its pursuit of living in a choiceful life. 

       It is not what we gather that  brings satisfaction to our living process, but the way in which we strive to become more and more of ourselves by learning and maintaining a sense of enthusiasm for living within the boundaries of simplicity. Somatic life is guided by awakening to our primordial self, by trusting the rhythm of our hearts and not the projections of our minds. It is this sensitivity to one’s own somatic experience that unites and unifies oneself towards authentic relationships with others within the human species. The need to touch, feel and sense are somatic functions inherited within the core of somatic life that defines the essence of a somatic existence.

       You don’t need to look further, away from yourself, for artificial cravings for a happy and fulfilling somatic life. It’s always within your reach and it’s always here in the present moment within you. Your awareness of your surroundings and its immediate sensations connects you to the flow of life. Nature, and its vibrations, don’t always reveal its essence except to those with full awareness of the present moment. Desensitizing ourselves from the illusionary veil of automatic suggestions and responses of the world, opens a window into a new paradigm of conscious somatic living.     

       Somatic life is fundamentally a path into oneself and it reflects a process in which one lives a creative life and holds ownership to one’s existence.     

By Mala Aeto, CHSE – Wave One