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Your program saved me.

Your program saved me.

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Hard to believe… I’ve learned how to get out of pain

Somatics taught me how to get out of pain, get flexible, and that even if I get myself back there again, I know what to do!

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Young Caregiver Finds an Answer

I tried everything I could think of to deal with my two herniated discs. I was depressed and skeptical when I came to Somatics. Now I have my mobility back.

Deanne Hegg — Courtenay, B.C., Canada
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Somatics Can Help from the Web, too!

I have tried for 20 years to get that effect to no avail…Your video was effective.

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Torn Achilles Tendon Healing Amazes Orthopedic Surgeon

I told the surgeon I would heal faster than a Red Sox player half my age, and I did!

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Somatics Works!

After 12 months of daily Somatics practice, this year’s ski week was a completely different experience from last year’s, which had me laid up for two weeks with lower back pain. Now most of the work is being done by my leg muscles and my back feels fine. It’s awesome!

David Palmer — the “Father of Chair Massage"

A Great Investment

Learning about Somatics is far and away the best investment I have ever made in my personal health care.

Tim Watson

Back to My Normal Self

I am proud to say I am now back to my normal self. I love doing Somatics and enjoy the feeling of moving my body around in a more graceful way. Of course the most important thing is the pain relief which is absolutely amazing.

Janette Court

Heaven on Earth

Hanna Somatics will send your body to heaven. I love the new mobility, balance and relaxation that it gives my body.

Lesley Powell — Director Movements Afoot, Pilates and wellness center, NYC

Never Too Old

…Somatics obviously takes one beyond fixing any immediate difficulty into new awareness of what I need to do to tune my body with my mind toward an overall condition of health without stress.

Wayne Adams — Actor, Producer, Designer, age 77, NYC

Relief After Quite Some Time

Some time ago, approx. 4-5 months, I experienced the first relief and return to normal (extreme sports; surfing, etc. and computer work) activity after one and a half years of lower back pain and disability: All due to your referral to my Somatics practitioner, in Encinitas, CA.

Richard Jordan

I Danced the Night Away

I wanted to let you know that I felt great in Cuba and I had a fantastic time there. Nothing ever hurt, well, maybe for a few minutes, and then whatever it was would go away. One day I danced for 7 hours and had no pain anywhere! I did the movements you gave me every morning before class and at night before bed… and I’m sure it made all the difference. So thanks very, very much for helping me to have a great trip.

Lorna S. — Attorney and Dancer

Thank You So Much

Thank you very much for sending this info to me. What you showed me yesterday really helped so much in targeting my particular problems with hips and knees. I’m going to work with these exercises regularly.

Polly B. — Preschool teacher

I Was Always Hurting

I started the Somatics sessions as a last resort trying to find out why I always hurt! My muscles felt so tight all the time! Now, I know they were in a state of constant contraction. But I really didn’t understand why: perhaps an auto accident years before, or improper body mechanics? I was at the Chiropractor’s every week. He offered relief after an adjustment but it never lasted. A massage therapist had told me about Somatics – how it retrained the brain – some 10 years ago. I bought the book and read most of it but didn’t think it would help – too simple, I thought! However, last fall I was at a dead end! Nothing helped! I picked up the Somatics book again and found John Loupos’ Somatics Sessions on the Web. It took 3 months of doing my series of exercises 2x per day to get my muscles to relax. I love doing them because my muscles feel so relaxed. I feel calm as I go through the series. I think a good adjective to describe them is “Delicious”!!


On Taking Hanna Somatics Classes

Thank you for all your help and dedication- I really feel this course has helped me tremendously, both physically and mentally.I will continue the exercises – if I miss a day, my leg tells me so – and I have to listen to my body, don’t I!

L.B. — DD Services Supervisor

Thank you!

Thanks for the great job you do for people who want to help themselves!! I have to say, I really think my lower back is feeling better and I know my flexibility has greatly improved! Thanks for helping me feel better!

Becky R., Third Grade Teacher

The Myth of Aging

Your Myth of Aging seminar was a life changing experience for me. I am going to forward information on your next event to my black belts and instructors.

J.M. — Martial Arts School Owner

Help For Scoliosis

The combination of the hands-on work and the regular practice of the exercises has made a real difference in the degree of curvature in my spine…definitely prevented me from further deterioration… No other practice or bodywork promises such potential change in your back. Hanna Somatics gives me power over my curve.

Sophia Fatouros — April 2010 Ballet Teacher, Arts Administrator

Improving Sciatica

The Hanna Somatics work has been revolutionary for me, re-educating my body so that I am now pain-free from a debilitating case of sciatica…After several months of Hanna Somatics, I am pain free and no longer taking Advil. … I’m starting a modern dance class tonight, my first dance class in many years.

Karen Masaki — Former (and future) Dancer

Practice Makes Perfect

…I had severe sciatica, limited mobility, and took an average of 5 Advils per day or more for the pain due to complications of stenosis, arthritis, muscle spasms. With regular sessions, and doing the somatic exercises on my own, I now take only a few Advils per month, and have much improved mobility, and much less pain.

Judith Akullian — PhD, psychoanalyst, NYC

A Professional Dancer’s Story

I have found the Hanna Somatics work to be an exceptional tool for finding more mobility, fluidity, and ease in my body. Through group workshops and private hands on sessions, I have learned valuable techniques that I have been able to incorporate into my daily preparations for rehearsals and performance. I love both the meditative quality of the work and its tangible results.

Myrna Packer — dancer and choreographer, Bridgman/Packer Dance