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Man takes YouTube Video To The Streets

Hello Lawrence,

I found your YouTube video “Free Your Psoas: Slide & Turn, INTRO – Psoas Muscle Pain Self-Treatment” amazingly effective.

A little background:
I have had tightness and pain for many years (I’m 35) for which I have taken personal responsibility to alleviate through self awareness and exercise. Thus I was brought to your video. I grew up with tension in my house, and have found myself stuck in “fight or flight” ever since.

Upon doing this simple exercise, my normally painful and tight right gluteals and psoas were instantly more mobile. I have tried for 20 years to get that effect to no avail. I then took a 3 hour walk around Tokyo (where I live currently) and I immediately noticed that I walked with a more upright posture. My torso was not bent forward, but erect, and my hips stayed forward throughout my stride.

The next morning, my gluteals on both sides, sacrum, and psoas were quite sore, so I know something changed. I have studied a lot of anatomy and methodology for helping myself. And, I have found a lot of misinformation and snake oil.

Your video was effective.