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Your program saved me.

Your program saved me! Just wanted to tell you. My husband saw it online and sent for the book and CDs. I am avid biker and runner and tennis player. After a 300 mile bike trip my tendons, including my iliopsoas and hamstrings were so contracted that could not pick up a thing and could not dress myself or put a tee in the ground. My orthopedic doctor put me on steroids. Then I was in physical therapy for six weeks, plus chiropractic care. Nothing worked. Then I got your book, “Somatics.” The idea of sensorimotor amnesia made the most sense to me. At first I could not get down on floor, but after two or three months of doing the daily stretching and relaxing exercises I’m now back to golf tennis and biking. I would be glad to talk up or promote your program anywhere... I’ve told many people about it. As a 75 year old, I plan to continue living life to the fullest. Ellen D.