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Mala J. Aeto

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1600 SW. Dellwood Avenue,

Portland, Oregon 97225

United States

808 - 371-6540


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Mala is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator and was one of the participants trained by Tom Hanna in the first HSE training in 1990. He was also trained by William 'Dub' Leigh in Bodytherapy and by Anat Baniel in the Anat Baniel Method and in ABM for Children. Mala has been practicing HSE since 1990, mostly in Hawaii and more recently in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas. Mala earned his BS in Human Development from the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he also attended graduate school on an NIH Fellowship in Cross-cultural Psychology. His work focuses on chronic muscular pain, post-surgery trauma, balance and gait issues, and children with special needs. He currently resides in Beaverton, Oregon and may be reached for appointments at 808 371-6540 or at [email protected]

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