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2018 Annual Meeting:  President’s Acknowledgements

AHSE President Carol Kerner

     First, I’d like to acknowledge the contributions of every member of the AHSE Board of Directors. They all give willingly of their many talents and their time. Every member of the Board has a busy and varied life, and in the midst of that, they have all dedicated themselves with thoughtfulness, intelligence, and good humor to advancing the work of this association. It is a real pleasure to work with people who care so deeply about this work and who do their best to contribute to it within this organization.

     I’d especially like to thank John Loupos for all the many ways he has contributed to the work of the Board and this organization over the years of his tenure on the Board. He helped hammer out policies, call members, write and edit articles for the SomaTimes, and field inquiries from the public about AHSE and  Hanna Somatics.  He contributed his wisdom and experience in helping to direct the activities and actions of the Board through both easy and difficult times. His knack for writing and consistent dependability helped us all.  He has presented interesting and novel movements at various conventions and helped facilitate engaging and educational discussions. There were also innumerable times that he helped in more informal ways, many of them unseen by the rest of the association. The Board will miss him very much as a Director. We wish John the very best and look forward to his contributions to AHSE in the future.

     I would also like to acknowledge all the time and effort and creativity put into the Soma Times over the last few years by Danny Burke. He took the Soma Times to a whole new level,incorporating a really engaging magazine-type style, lots of photos and videos, and figuring out how to make that all happen technically. In the last few months, he felt he had to give up the editorship of the SomaTimes, because he has so many clients and classes! So Ken Bridgeman has now taken over as Editor, with the help of various contributors. Much to our delight, Danny will still be contributing articles to the SomaTimes. We very much appreciate his many efforts over the years he’s been editor.