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My Top 3 Client Complaints - with Bogusia Badon

by Kelli Peacock

“Let’s wake it all up with washing the hair, skin rubbing and tapping… getting the energy moving with a gyrokinesis session called Awakening.” This was Bogusia’s intro to her workshop and it boosted us into our 3 hours with her. Bogusia owns and operates Farmington Valley Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Connecticut which has become quite a successful clinic. 

Bogusia trained at the Somatics Systems Institute in Massachusetts from 2004-2007 and graduated as a Hanna Somatic Education Certified Practitioner. She told us that she always uses Somatics for at least the first hour in her clinic sessions with each of her clients, just for sensing and developing awareness.

Bogusia is originally from Poland. At the age of 4, she was diagnosed with functional scoliosis. She spent 8 years in rehabilitation, receiving ultraviolet light therapy, pool therapy and she worked with physiotherapists. She had always wanted to teach and focused on an intention of wholeness. Her background also includes psychology, sound, inferred light, yoga influence from China and myofascial release.

The 3 top complaints Bogusia sees with her clients are shoulder, back and hip pain. She uses a number of different props in various innovative ways to give her clients a novel sensory experience or to gain movement into a different range. She demonstrated several of these during the workshop. Allowing the client to focus on a certain movement, alone in a room at the clinic, helps advance their take-home knowledge.

One of the more novel props she uses is a disc that rotates like a “lazy Susan.” She placed the disc under Susan Koenig’s sacrum and had her do hip hikes. She also uses a pillow or bolster under the pelvis with a person in a prone position for clients who are diagnosed with stenosis. The client does gentle leg lifts, stabilizing the paraspinals and then slowly relaxes them.

Bogusia then demonstrated how she began to use therabands with clients while lying on their side.  With their leg suspended using the therabands, it allowed these clients to move in all directions and in circles, and so experience some movement in a position without gravity.  She then began to dive deeper into this idea and eventually developed a suspension system in her clinic that replicates this action using springs. This helps with self-assisted pandiculations  so her clients can find relief out of gravity. She notes that it allows clients to decrease the weight of their leg and to feel muscles move in all directions for the first time. This has especially helped clients who came to her with MS.

She gives all her clients 3 free classes of Hanna Somatic Education when they initially sign up for her program, which helps the momentum towards greater health. With her balls, bolsters, rotating disc and exuberance for teaching, Bogusia was appreciated whole-heartedly by the convention attendees.