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The Birth of a Committee: The Convention Hosting Committee

A sampling of allied somatics practitioners who have attended recent conventions - happy campers all!

By Director John Loupos, M.S, H.S.E.

In preparation for last year’s 2016 AHSE annual convention, the Board of Directors informally adopted a new, and some might even say adventurous, policy. Whereas previous conventions had only been open in their entirety to Certified Hanna Somatic Education® practitioners, the BOD decided to allow two somatics professionals who had not been certified by the Novato Institute (individuals whom we now refer to as allied somatics practitioners) to attend on an experimental basis.  

The experiment proved to be a resounding success.

  Based on the success of that experiment, the BOD decided to formalize its new policy in preparation for future conventions

A brief digression is in order here while I explain to readers that the BOD’s procedures, generally, have been streamlined in recent years. Delegating issues-in-development to committees whenever possible has proved a time saver at the monthly BOD meetings. Committees perform their necessary work outside of BOD meetings and then simply report to, or consult with, fellow board members in an appropriate manner during the monthly meeting prior to putting issues to a vote.

Regarding the aforementioned new policy, the BOD determined that the development and implementation of details and procedures would be best managed by a new committee. Thus was born the Convention Hosting Committee, currently co-chaired by myself and Director Ryan Moschell.

Ryan and I began our work on the new committee by drafting the language for several documents, including our general Guest Policy, a formal Reply to Attendee Applicants, a formal Letter of Application, and a follow up letter of Approval / non-Approval for applicants. Initial drafts required considerable tweaking, but once the BOD settled on language that all members found acceptable we were ready to move to the implementation stage, just in time for the 2017 convention.

Prior to the 2017 convention the Convention Hosting Committee fielded several inquiries from allied somatics practitioners. Of these, the Hosting Committee ended up processing two formal applications, both of which were approved. AHSE members who were in attendance at convention were able to see firsthand the wisdom and the benefits of this new policy as all allied somatics practitioner attendees to date have been stellar guests.

This new policy is a major achievement on the part of the BOD as it has now opened up the full convention to the wider Somatics community. Hopefully future conventions will see greater numbers of allied somatics practitioners taking advantage of this more inclusive policy and reaping the benefits of convention attendance.