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Nadine Kraman

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

United States


January 2015

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I am a Hanna Somatic Educator, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, yoga practitioner, and life long dancer.

I work with children and adults of all ages, who are experiencing chronic neck, shoulder, hip, and foot pain, and with people recovering from injury, and those wanting to prevent injury. Among my clients are those suffering from the sequelae of physical and emotional trauma.

My mission is to help people become pain-free and self-sufficient by developing their own personal practice of Hanna Somatics, and to experience the freedom that comes from increased mobility and ease of movement.

I offer one-on-one Somatic table sessions at my home office, private Cat Stretch classes, as well as, private classes in Somatic Yoga, which I call "Yoga for the Yoga Challenged." These one-on-one coaching sessions enhance the student's current approach to yoga. They are designed to reawaken the muscles needed to facilitate fluidity in the entering and exiting of postures and to prevent injury.

Somatic Yoga is an extremely gentle form or yoga, done slowly and mindfully, within one’s range of comfort. Based on the somatic theory of Thomas Hanna, as interpreted by his widow, Eleanor Criswell over her forty years of yoga practice.

Key aspects of Somatic Yoga are visualization and focusing on the sensory-motor experience by allowing time between each asana to integrate new sensory motor information. Also included are pranayama (breathing) and a short meditation practice.

Both my Hanna Somatics and Somatic Yoga clients have told me that they appreciate my being attuned to the places where they feel stuck, and creatively, without judgment, supporting them through their limits to new found freedom and independence. A sense of possibilities, hope, and confidence often spontaneously emerges in many different areas of their lives.

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