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Abby Rose, HSE, SEP

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Grand Lake/Lake Merritt

Oakland, California 94610

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Abby Rose, HSE, SEP is a somatic therapist specializing in chronic pain and symptoms of trauma and chronic stress. A certified Hanna Somatic Educator and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Abby has had a private practice in Oakland, California for the past twelve years. She uses these unique modalities to calm the nervous system, relieve pain, reduce protective bracing, and build a sense of safety and resilience in the body.

Abby has a gentle, educational approach designed to help you:
* Develop new ways of responding to pain
* Reduce muscle constriction that compresses joints and nerves, and pulls the body out of alignment
* Speed recovery from injury and surgery
* Increase flexibility, stability, and ease in your body, especially as you age
* Learn important skills you can use for the rest of your life to relieve pain and reduce stress

Sessions address both the physical and emotional aspects of chronic pain and trauma.
An essential aspect of Abby’s work is helping you cultivate curiosity about your internal experience as a way to gain access to your body’s innate healing resources. Abby’s approach is deeply informed by her own 15-year history of pain, which was resolved by integrating Hanna Somatic Education with the Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution method.

About Trauma & Chronic Pain:
Chronic pain and protective bracing can emerge as a result of physical injury, medical procedures, childhood trauma, emotional or sexual abuse and a range of other kinds of trauma or accumulated stress. Abby creates a safe place and trusted partnership with you to explore the anxiety, depression, fatigue, shame and hypervigilance that often accompany chronic pain.

Abby offers private sessions and teaches Hanna Somatics and Body Meditations® classes to people with chronic pain and ongoing stress.

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