The official organization for Hanna Somatics information, resources, continuing education, practitioner support, and community.

Membership Categories & Fees

HSE Certified Membership — $150.00

Practitioners of HSE who are Certified by the Novato Institute and who are not Charter members.

HSE Charter Members — $150.00

Certified practitioners of HSE from Thomas Hanna’s original 1990-1992 training (Wave One) who shared the costs of incorporating the AHSE.  The 13 Charter Members are:  Brad Bennett; Eleanor Criswell Hanna; Karen Hewitt; Susan King (deceased); Susan Koenig; Nick Medwid; Maggie Munroe; Nikki Nicodemus; Penny Pruzan; Angelo Querin; Phil Shenk; Marilyn Warnock (deceased); Gerald Wylie.

HSE Student Membership — $75.00

Student practitioners-in-training who are enrolled in an HSE Practitioner Training at the Novato Institute .

HSE Certified Associate Membership — $50.00

Those certified in HSE by the Novato Institute who choose not to become a Certified Member for the current year and are not Charter Members.

Lifetime Associate Membership — $50.00

Members of Thomas Hanna’s original 1990-1992 HSE Training who have not yet been certified in HSE.

Associate Membership — $50.00

Associate members are allied somatics professionals, other health care professionals, and interested members of the general public who would like to receive Associate Member benefits and to support the work of the AHSE.