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The 2018 AHSE Annual Convention recordings are in an Unedited Mp3 format and will appear on this page after you purchase access to them.  These recordings are the exclusive property of the AHSE and are being made available to its members for their personal use and not for copy and resale or distribution.

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Novato Institute Teaching Team:  (NOT RECORDED)

Susan Koenig, CHSE - Recalibration:  Assessment and Pandiculation for upward and downward rotators of the scapula.

Phil Shenk, CHSE - Recalibration:  Assessment and Pandiculation for the jaw.

Lyman Spencer, CHSE - Recalibration:  Assessment and Pandiculation for the foreleg, ankle, foot and toes.


Ryan Moschell, CHSE: Six Point Seated Movement.


Gabriel Posner, CHSE: What Do Our Clients Say About Hanna Somatics and How Can We Use This Information?  (Not Recorded)


James Knight, CHSE: Gentle Somatic Yoga Workshop:  Bringing Mindful Movement into Integrating the Whole Self.  (Not Recorded)


Bill Keele, CHSE:  Teaching Spontaneous Somatics Classes Around Student Interests.


Bill Keele, CHSE:  Core and Hip/Pelvis Muscle Relationships: A Somatic Educator's Pathway Through the Maze.


Phil Shenk, Susan Koenig, Lyman Spencer and Masako Hirasawa substituting for Eleanor Criswell Hanna:  The Neurophysiology of Somatics and Trauma, Somatic Yoga, Equine and Canine Hanna Somatics.


Andrew Schaefer, PHD, PTA, CSE:  Somas and the New Physics of Life.


Lyman Spencer, CHSE:  Enhance Your Cat Stretch With Neck and Shoulder Movements.  (Not Recorded)


Masako Hirasawa, Phil Shenk, Joan Kauffman, Susan Koenig, Carol Kerner and Lyman Spencer substituting for John Loupos:  A Brain Bow Kaleidoscope of Movements.


Bill Keele, Gabriel Posner, Ryan Moschell, Farzaneh Jafri, and Joan Kauffman:  Panel Discussion:  How to Teach Effective Hanna Somatics Classes.


Susan Koenig, CHSE:  Pandiculation of the Convention:  Pandiculating the Psoas and Iliacus.


Ken Bridgeman, CHSE:  Less Can Be So Much More:  Creating Greater Somatic Awareness with More Effective Results Through Focused Movements.


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