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Guidelines for Multiple Locations

In support of practitioners who may wish to have listings for separate
locations on the interactive Practitioners map, we have developed fair
guidelines to ensure that the AHSE multiple listing feature can be used
but not abused. Please read through these guidelines and then follow
the instructions to submit your request for posting multiple locations.
Contact the Multiple Locations Coordinator if you need any assistance.

1. Some practitioners offer services in more than one location. A “location”
need not be a specific physical building or address, but does need to be
geographically discrete. For example, someone having separate
practices in two cities can list separately for each city. Someone with
separate practices in different neighborhoods of the same city, however,
should list once for that city only.

2. For each location, you must fill out a separate Personal Profile page.
Note that for each location/Profile, you must maintain a practice that is
regularly scheduled and predictably cyclical (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly).

3. Each separate location will require its own separate username and email address for the
corresponding Personal Profile page. Separate email addresses are the
only way a pin/locator can be generated for each of your locations on
the interactive practitioner map.

4. You must choose one of these locations to serve as a primary location.
This primary location/Profile will appear in the listing of AHSE
practitioners on the “Find A Practitioner” page. Any additional Profiles
will appear when the corresponding pin/locator on the map is clicked.
You must indicate your primary location/Profile at the time you submit
your request for multiple locations.

5. Practitioners are also encouraged to create an Expanded Profile for
each of these Profile pages. On each Expanded Profile, you can list all
of your other locations. In this way, whenever a visitor to the AHSE web
site uses the Search Function to search for one of your locations, all of
the multiple pins/locators, together with the corresponding Profiles, will
be highlighted on the interactive map that appears.

How to request and post multiple locations:

a) Submit a list of the locations you wish to have posted on the interactive
practitioners map to the Multiple Locations Coordinator:
[email protected]

b) Upon approval to post these locations, the AHSE website coordinator
will then request that you fill out a Personal Profile for each location,
using separate email addresses for each Profile as described in
Guideline #3. Youʼll need to identify which is your primary location/

c) Once your multiple Profiles have been processed and posted on the
interactive AHSE Practitioners map, you may then submit an Expanded
Profile for each location/Profile as suggested in Guideline #4. To do this,
go to the Home page of the AHSE website and at the upper right corner
click on “Log In”. Once you log on, then click on “Update Profile”. In the
right hand column, click on “Expanded Profile Instructions”. Create an
Expanded Profile for each of your Profile pages by following these
instructions. (It might be possible for you to create one Expanded Profile
that can be used for all of your Profile pages.)
Then submit these to the Expanded Profile Committee:
[email protected]