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The 2012 AHSE Annual Pre-Convention and Convention recordings are in an Unedited Mp3 format and will appear on this page after you purchase access to them.  These recordings are the exclusive property of the AHSE and are being made available to its members for their personal use and not for copy and resale or distribution.

Click here for the 2012 Pre-Convention/Convention Flyer   for Bios of the Presenters and short description of their topic.





JEFF ROCKWELL: A Somatic Approach to Neuromuscular Therapy



ELEANOR CRISWELL HANNA, Ed.D:  New Discoveries in Synaptic Plasticity

PETER BEHEL:  Practical Pain Management

NEAL WINBLAD & ABBY ROSE:  Somatic Experiencing

PEGGY HACKNEY:  Bartenieff Fundamentals

BILL KEELE:  Pelvic/Lumbar Solutions  

KATHERINE KERBER:  Explore the Big Three Reflexes Somatically and Free Yourself


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