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The 2016 AHSE Annual Pre-Convention and Convention recordings are in an Unedited Mp3 format and will appear on this page after you purchase access to them.  These recordings are the exclusive property of the AHSE and are being made available to its members for their personal use and not for copy and resale or distribution.


Click here for the 2016 Pre-Convention/Convention Flyer for Bios of the Presenters and short description of their topic.






JAMES KNIGHT, CHSE, E-RYT:  Catch the "New Wave" of Popular Body Movement Classes: Gentle Somatic Yoga


LAURA GATES, CHSE:  Core to the Floor




SURESHA HILL, Ed.S, CHSE, D.O.M.P.T.: The Efficacy of Sensing Bone


LAURA GATES, CHSE: Somatic Solutions for Lower Spine, Groin and Pelvis With a Focus on the Illiopsoas Muscle Group


Dr. JAMES KAO:  Forefoot Strike Workshop


PANEL DISCUSSION on Bessel van der Kolk's Book:  "The Body Keeps the Score" and How to Somaticize It.


SUSAN KOENIG:  Pandiculation of the Convention, Pandiculating all the Muscles of the Back with the Client Lying Supine


JOHN LOUPOS:  The Zillion Points of Contact  


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