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Below is a list of AHSE Practitioners who are offering online Classes and Sessions.  For contact information, click on the name of a  practitioner.


Only Certified HSE Practitioners who are AHSE members are listed below.


Sigrid Austin

Carisa Borrello

Prudence Lee Brewster

Karen Douglas deFenzi

Farzaneh Jafari

Katherine Kerber

Carol Kerner

James Knight

Susan Koenig

Nadine Kraman

Judy Lamontagne

John Loupos

Ryan Moschell

Martha Peterson

Gabriel Posner

Abby Rose

Chris Ruane

Nikki Semeniuk

Lori Seymour

Veronica Cervantes Wefers

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Note to users

This professional directory can help you locate a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator who is a member of AHSE. The Association for Hanna Somatic Education neither endorses nor recommends the individuals listed here. The information is provided to help you find the best practitioner for your particular needs.