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Our Difference

With a dizzying assortment of health and wellness therapies to choose from – each with its own set of claims – consumers often find themselves challenged to make well-informed decisions on their own behalf. Hanna Somatics is substantively different from other health and wellness modalities in several important regards.

First, Somatics is educational versus therapeutic. Therapy is what transpires when a provider does something ‘to’ you, ‘at’ you, or ‘on’ you. Somatics, on the other hand, entails a collaborative educational approach between client and provider that empowers clients with knowledge and resources to assume greater control over their own bodies – in effect to become their own wellness provider.

When you learn Somatics your benefits don’t stop with the end of your clinical session. The lessons of Somatics will become yours and stay with you for as long as you care to apply them. With each session you’ll take critical elements of what you learn home with you so that you may continually reinforce personal gains and accrue ongoing benefits through daily home practice.

You may already know someone who is stuck in a ‘revolving door’ syndrome – that rut in which clients gain temporary improvement only, and must continually return for services over a protracted period of months or even years. Your Hanna Somatic Educator’s goal is to resolve clients’ issues as quickly as possible, often in as few as 4-6 sessions. Many clients require even fewer sessions to resolve their outstanding complaints.

Somatics requires no expensive machinery, no special clothing, no intrusive gadgets, bells or whistles. All you need is loose comfortable attire, along with a little floor space, and the desire and discipline to become a better you.