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  • Welcome to AHSE!

    We have great information to share with you and your entire family. Maintaining freedom of movement is within reach. All you need is a little education—Hanna Somatic Education, that is. We’ll show you how to help yourself feel better, fast.

    What is Hanna Somatics?

  • Less Tension = More Power

    Cycling is a great sport, but long hours hunched in the saddle can take a toll on you. Imagine if you had a quick way to refresh tired muscles during breaks? Better yet, learn how to shed unnecessary tension after your ride. It’s all possible with Hanna Somatic Education.

    Learn the truth about stretching.

  • The Joy of Running

    The freedom to run on the beach and keep up with your dog. It’s but a dream for many. If it is your dream, you can be on your way soon with Hanna Somatic Education. Learn how to get your muscles to move the way you want them to.

    Find out what others have learned.

  • Hiking Trail Fitness

    Stamina and flexibility enhance the pleasure of hiking, especially if you carry a pack. Doing Hanna Somatics before you hit the trail goes a long way. As you're hiking, do a few key somatic movements every couple of miles. It will increase your strength, flexibility and injury resistance.

    Learn more here.

  • Gardening Wisdom

    Gardening is great exercise and most enjoyable when you can move freely. If your back tightens as you work, many of us push on through the pain. With Hanna Somatics, you can release the tension within minutes and get back to caring for your plants.

    Find out more here.

    Welcome to Hanna Somatics!

    Feeling stiff? Sore? Less than comfortable in your body? Hanna Somatics has the answer!

    Hanna Somatics is a gentle, sensible, and safe approach to recover from chronic pain and have ease of movement throughout your life. Somatics is sensory-motor training that works for all kinds of stress, injury, and movement problems. It works for kids, it works for aging bodies, it works for everyone…

    Learn how to move “from the inside out,” recover your well being and enhance your life!

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    Thomas Hanna

    Founder of Hanna Somatics


    To peer into the history of Hanna Somatic Education® is to encounter the bright star of its founder, Thomas Hanna. An original philosopher/teacher, Hanna developed a theory of somatology and of the field he named Somatics.

    History and Founder